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Products to Make you Profits

Nowadays processed Bramley apple may come in many different shapes and forms. It is important that you as an existing or potential customer are presented with the right product to suit your requirements.

We at Mackleapple will endeavor to assist your choice. A complete portfolio of diced, sliced and segmented apple is produce with the choice of antioxidants; usually either sodium metabisulfite or ascorbic acid thus giving our customers the choice of shelf-life which best fits their requirements.


The choice of cut can be presented in a ready to use pie filling or prep form according to standard recipes or to a bespoke formula. A completely preservative free product is also available. Most products are offered in a choice of packaging ranging from 1 kg through 10kgs, 25kgs up to 1 tonne tanks.

A range of apple purees and pulps are produced with various antioxidants and preservatives as well as preservative free.

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